Billionaire boy

Would you like to be a billionaire we’ll you should read this book . It is also a girl and boy . This boy called Joe and his dad is so rich ( by making toilet rolls 10p x 100,000,000 = billionaire ) he even went to a private school it was so private they fancy clothes to school( wow) . But he doesn’t like the fancy school so he wanted to go to normal school. So he did but he promised he wouldn’t tell he was rich . He was so rich he had everything he wanted in the world . If you were rich what would you do with your money?

But he tells his new friend Bob that he is rich and gives he a £50 pounds note (wow). What do you think would Joe do tell his dad or will he keep it as a secret . We don’t . What will you think 

Hope you enjoyed it .

By Veronica


2 thoughts on “Billionaire boy”

  1. Hi Veronica
    I really like how you told me about the boy feelings also I like at the end you gived question to the pupil to answer.

  2. Hi Veronica,
    If I were rich I would give £5 a moth to the poor and go on holiday with my friends and family every summer and Christmas, another thing I would do is to give money to the places I love to go often such as church, and other places too.

    You made some mistakes, I would appreciate it next time read through your work before you post it.

    Have a good holiday bye.

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