Chef shocker

This book is called Chef shocker. Sue Mongredien  and Teresa Murfin have created this book. The main characters in this book is Amy Hitchin and Mr and Mrs Hitchin. This book is about a family eating weird types of food. The Hitchins owned a restaurant everyone hated it they would serve food like beetroot and banana soup, cauliflower cake with mint jam , Brussel and sprouts in custard and many more horrible things. But their daughter Amy had been eating food like that since she was a baby. So she loved. Then Amy found out that this food was not nice food that everyone would like. Then more problems came, they were asked to be making food for school dinners.

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Magic animal friends Evie Scruffypup’s big surprise

This book is called Magic animal friends Evie Scruffypup’s big surprise. This by Daisy Meadows. I recommend this book to any one boy/girl aged to 5-11 because this is a very understandable book to read. It is a nice simple book. This book is about two girls saving a puppy from some messy creatures and a horrific witch. A huge problem had happened and the two helpful girls needed to save her as soon as possible otherwise , she would turn in to one of the nasty creatures like a rat.

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Fashion Fairy Princess Catkin in Jewel Forest

The book is called Fashion Fairy Princess Catkin in Jewel Forest and it is by Poppy Collins. It is a non-fiction book and the genre is action and adventure. The author has wrote the story with adjectives, adverbs, different punctuation and other things.  Especially the author has used different sentence structures which made the book story interesting. In this book there is a character called Catkin and she is a fairy. She lives in Jewel Forest with her fairy and animal friends. She is a very kind character and very helpful too. Once Catkin visited a cafe, a grocery shop and a shop called What a Gem those three shops ran out of many things that their customers were very unhappy. That doesn’t happen usually. Catkin found our that the Jewel Tree was dying and that means there won’t be things growing, so that was the reason why the shops ran out of things. Also the tree helped Jewel Forest but Jewel Forest didn’t help the Jewel Tree. What can they do? Do you think Catkin and her friends will help the tree?

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Animal Tales

The book is called Animal tales and there are three stories in this book. It is by Michael Morporgo one of my favorite author. He wrote this book in detail and it was so interesting. I think something inspired him to write this book. He especially wrote about the characters and their feeling, also he used figurative writing.  I felt like the characters in the book as I read this book. It made my reading challenging because it involved new words that I couldn’t understand  properly but as soon as I looked it up in a dictionary and used the internet I understood the story. The first story was called Colly’s barn and it was about a barn that was about to be destroyed and the birds had to save it. The second story was called Conker and that was about a boy called Nick and his dog died. Then he finds another dog when he searches for conkers.The third story was called Jo-Jo the Melon donkey. It’s about a donkey called Jo-Jo and he sells melons.


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Fairy Animals of Misty Wood Katie the Kitten

The book is called Fairy Animals of Misty Wood Katie the Kitten. This book is by Lily Small. This story is non-fiction and I really enjoyed reading the adventurous book. Also the author has used figurative language and that will make me better at my story writing. She has also used many adjectives, adverbs, verbs and a few hyphens that made the story interesting. It was about a kitten called Katie going camping and making new friends. But she had to see if her secret of water would get in the way because she is scared of water and her friends don’t know that. She decided to go camping for the summer in Camp Sunshine. In that place they did some fun activities and went camping. The whole point was making new friends and working together with them. The people who were in Katie’s team were Bonnnie the Bud bunny, Sally the Stardust squirrel and Petey the Pollen puppy. They did three activities together, the first one was the Woodland Treasure Hunt. They had to find some woodland objects. The second activity was Show Time where they had to act out a show. Also the finale activity was The Boat Race where they had to make a boat model and let it float in the pond. But Katie had to save her boat which was in the reeds and the only way to do that was her to get in the water. Luckily Katie wasn’t afraid of the water anymore as soon as she went in it. Unfortunately Acorn Team didn’t win for any of the activities and Sally was very worried because they were second in every activity. Happily at the end Acorn Team did get a prize because they were working together and made new friends.

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The rescue princesses The rainbow opal

One of the book that I had read is called The rescue princesses The rainbow opal. Paula Harrison, the author of the book inspired me to write more descriptive stories like her. My imagination shot out as I read this. The front cover is very colorful and it has a picture of a princess, a koala and a parrot.  It’s about a ill koala called Custard who was ill and lost his mother. The main charterers in this story is Summer, Lottie, Rosalind and Maya, they are the rescue princesses, their is also a parrot called Kanga and two koalas. One day Custard became ill and he lost his mother. Summer had a special rainbow opal that was given to her when she was born and the girls found out that the opal can make custard feel better. They had to dip it into a river, so they did but it accidentally fell in. The next time they went they got the rainbow opal back fro  the river. Custard licked the opal and it made him better also they found his mother.

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The rescue princesses The golden shell

The book is called The Rescue Princesses The Golden Shell. It is written by Paula Harrison and the book is non – fiction. The genre of this book is action and adventure. The author has included figurative language that made me want to continue reading this book. Also she used questions in her story that made me think about what will happen. She has also used adjectives to describe this book. The author has also described the setting that made my mind paint a picture of what the book was describing. I hope other children would enjoy reading this exciting story.  The characters are Ella, Rosalind, Summer, Lottie, Daisy the bunny, Molly the captain of Seahorse Tower, Lady Eggley, Miss Goldwin, Rebecca and many other characters. Ella, Rosalind, Summer and Lottie are the Rescue Princesses who rescued Daisy (Ella’s bunny.) It is about about a girl called Ella who starts a new school in Harebell Castle. She joins and makes friends then they work together as a rescue team. They finnally find Ella’s bunny with the help of  rescue princess. I hope you read this book and enjoy it. Do you think the golden shell helped the girls find Daisy?

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My Letter

We’ll one of the book I have been reading is The longest Whale Song . I have wrote about it on the blog already . What I am going to do is write a letter that Ella would of wrote to her mum because at the moment is in the hospital in a coma( deep sleep) . So I let me begin.

Dear Mum

I know you can’t read at the moment because of situation you are in , but I am going to still write this letter to you anyway. There is a lot I want to tell.At school everyone been nice and I am doing this project on whales. One fact did you know that Humpback Whale can sing . Mum please be better soon I miss so much even Samson( the new baby brother) is missing you and crying for you . Mum please just open your . Please mum I would do anything to wake you up like sing a beautiful whale song up to 24 hours for you mum .But please get better. Hope you will get better soon

lots and lots and lots of love Ellaxxxxxxxx

By Veronica hope you liked it .



Reading in places

My name is Joylin. I have read lots in the summer. In Singapore, I have read lots of leaflets about going to the adventure cove water park, the universal exploring, the wildlife zoo and  booking to ride on a mini bus in two days. I also read another leaflet in Singapore which is called Singapore Flyer.When my uncle drives to the airport, I read lots of signs outside like the speed travels signs, the airports signs and where to go signs. I like reading the leaflets more than the signs. I believe that reading is fun and it helps you how to spell words, say words,and it also helps you enjoy and be interested in it. I believe that when you read, you need to understand and feel it, so that you can be interested in it.I really like reading fiction and non fiction books . I also like reading people’s life stories and also famous people’s life stories. These life stories show interest on the people, because it might be a very sad story, and mostly an interesting story.I believe that true and famous stories are always interesting to read, because sometimes, if you can feel a story,and if you follow it in your life and feel it, your brain will feel it and your body will control it. I always like reading, because it is very fun and I find it very interesting. Do you know why I find it interesting? It is because that I can feel interesting stories, funny stories, happy stories and sad stories.Whenever I feel it, I enjoy reading it. Then I start reading it again. Then it happens to different books. I like reading lots of books, so I can learn how to pronounce words and write. Reading is very important for English. It helps you to write in different sentence structure,such as compound, complex and simple,write in speech,such as direct and indirect speech, how to use commas and other punctuation, how to pronounce and say words, how to spell words and write words. Reading helps for writing.Writing helps for English . Thank you for listening to my post. BYE!!!

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks

So I’ve been reading this book on my Kindle and I thought it was  so good to read I share it with you . it’s by ZUNI BLUE the main character is Libby  smith ,  Libby smith is the  mean girl who never speaks  .  they say she’s mean because she has no friends and does not talk ,they keep on thinking that she is saying in her head rude things about them . now I will tell you  the beginning of the book.

The week started like any other …boring!

maths.I thought it was  bad last year , but it’s worse now . I miss adding up and taking away . Now you’ve gotta multiply and divide .”No calculator allowed ”, Mrs. cherry said  you’ve got to ”use your heads!”

that’s all I will tell you if you want to know more you will  have to get the book.

by jahzara